Sep 29, 2020
Digital paint / inkjet・ acrylic gouache

Nishiko  (Digital paint/acrylic gouache)

Contemporary artist

Born in 1995
After graduating from Meiji University, she worked for an advertising company.
In 2019, she started creating paintings and designing shirts and other items for the fashion brand” Room.”
She also designs smart phones and other items.
She was in charge of PR for Printful Japan in 2020.

Influenced by ukiyo-e and Pop Art, she uses digital devices to express delicate sensibilities and bold expressions with just her fingertips.
She overlays the question of contemporary materialism on the theme of what is Pop Art.
By overlaying the question of contemporary materialism on the theme of what is Pop Art, actively creating “Anti-Pop” that bridges the negation of the old and the new eras.
She uses a combination of inkjet and acrylic gouache to create his work.

~Activity ~

In 2019, they exhibited at the 2019 Salon d’Art Japonais (Paris),
She  won the Mayor’s Prize in the 2000 Kobe Flower Painting Competition.
In 2020, she was in charge of PR for products from Printful Japan.
She has also created graphic images for the music unit “Junpei Kamiya with…”
Article featured in LGBTQ&ART magazine under “purple millennium”
launch an online exhibition and sell her work at “Grafiti Home”

Although she is a newcomer to the scene, she is expanding her activities in a wide range of fields. she is one of the most popular artists in the world !




A year


Taimatsu no koshin


Red Dress


  to know more About Nishiko

● Request from los angeles artdesign Co. “Grafiti Home”

● Article in “LGBTQ&ART” magazine on “purple millennium

● SOLO Exhibition JCAT Gallery online gallery ←Exhibition & Sale From October 1 to October 31, 2020

● Nishiko’s  Instagram